Saturday, May 8, 2010

8 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blog

Want to know what you can do to improve your blog?The following are the list of things you can do to improve your blog.
  1. Try to use a blog template if you are not a good web designer.You can get a template for your blog by going to
  2. Try to make your words as big as possible but not too big
  3. Try not to include lots of video or flash into your blog as it makes your blog slower to load.
  4. Run a poll or a survey about a particular subject.You can create an online poll by going to
  5. Proofread your post for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  6. Try to get a logo for your blog.You can create a free and professional logo by going to .
  7. Remove any broken links in your blog .You can check for broken links by going to
  8. Add links to useful resources .

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