Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Top 5 Highest Adsense Earners

Curious to know who are Google top 5 highest adsense earners ?If so,below is the list of the highest adsense earners.
  1. Markus Frind earns $300,000 per month from PlentyOfFish.com which he owns.
  2. Kevin Rose earns $250,000 per month from Digg.com which he owns.
  3. Jeremy Schoemaker earns $140,000 per month from hundreds of sites and thousands of domains which he owns.
  4. Jason Calacanis earns $120,000 per month from Weblogs, Inc which he eventually sold the company to AOL for $25 million.
  5. David Miles Jr & Kato Leonard earns $100,000 per month from FreeWebLayouts.net which they own.

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